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It was a spur of the moment thing. We’ve been very busy this couple of weeks and stressed out with work and stuff.

So John just blurted out “Tara, lets go to Tagaytay!” So I said “Okay sige”

By 9 AM we were on the road to Tagaytay via C5.

Yes, there was terrible traffic.

No, I wasn’t biatching. ha ha ha

When going to Tagaytay, there’s one food that’s always on our  minds.




My family discovered this place by accident. You know the saying when there’s a lot of people, there’s good food? This place have been patronized by weekend bikers and the parking space filled with 500cc and 1000cc bikes! Green ATS is the place. Its an uncomplicated place that serves down right good food. The Special Bulalo we ordered is good for 2-3 people. The broth is rich with the beef flavor as if it was simmering for days! And the Batangas beef was hearty, meaty and tender…. OMG! the bone marrow… good grief! I apologize I was not able to take photos of the Canary yellow bone marrow because John ate it all. I learned from somewhere that the more yellow the fat or marrow it means that the cow is grass fed and free range. The greens were the best compliment with the beef. It tasted fresh like just picked out from the garden that morning. The pechay was sweet… the chicharo was crunchy and the onion sprigs gave the soup the onion-y flavor.

Aside from the bulalo we ordered this one.

Fried tilapia…. another OMG dish. The tilapia was fresh, fried til crisp. It had a sweet meat and none of the “burak” or muddy smell or taste. I devoured this simple dish. As in simot! It was finger lickin’ goood….

Green ATS is a deceiving little place. It may look like an old shack of a place but it serves one of the best bulalo in Tagaytay and simple dishes that are lips smackin’ good.