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I love dressing up our son Peewee. But one thing that disappoints me is the lack of children stores with chic clothes. Alas I have found some interesting places surprisingly have baby clothes.

ZARA is a Spanish branch just like MANGO. I like ZARA more of the sophisticated look than MANGO which is edgier. I discovered that ZARA has a baby section when we were at Shangri-la. Apparently, not all ZARA stores in the Philippines have a baby section. Rockwell and Shangri-la are the only branches that I know of that have a baby department. I like their baby clothes especially tops for boys. Nice designs and made from cotton. Another thing I like about ZARA’s baby clothes are the buttons on the shoulder for ease in putting through the head inside the neck hole. Peewee gets agitated when the neck hole is small and his big head can’t fit. 🙂 Prices of tops ranges from P500 to P800 a piece and pants starts at P800.

Another brand that I was surprised to have a baby section is Debenhams. Items at Debenhams are similar to that with Marks and Spencer’s. They have in house brands like Babbleboom, Rocha by John Roca and Red Herring that have chic clothes for 0-8 years old.

Can you share some surprising adult clothing stores with baby departments?