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‘Its friday, its field trip day! dah dah dah dah’

That’s what Alex the lion from Madagascar would sing. (Photo source here)

Every Friday morning John and I would sing that too. 🙂 Its the last day of the work week and we are excited to go out. After Peewee’s nap we would go to Ortigas for John’s dibidi (LoL) fix for the weekend. Then off to a mall nearby for some window shopping and dinner.

But because of the holiday rush, going to Ortigas or anywhere for that matter is a pain in the behind. Cars are bumper to bumper, some traffic enforcers don’t know how to do their job and I get grumpy when its traffic – John hates it when I’m grumpy(aka biatch-y). ha ha ha ha

I suggested to John that we just eat at Metrowalk after his dibidi fix because its suicidal to go Megamall, Galeria or Shangri-la at dinner time. So we had diner at Icebergs. What we had…

John had boneless Chicken BBQ.

Boneless chicken grilled with sweet tangy dipping sauce served with plain rice and atchara. John said its close to Alex III’s boneless chicken BBQ. The chicken was okay if you are not starving, and it was moist.

I had their Famous Sisig with egg.

It was okay. It was like Aycee’s version of sisig sans the mayonnaise. But I prefer a crunchier sisig like Gerry’s or Something Fishy’s.

For dessert we had Oreo Brownie Banana split. I ordered this one because I felt grumpy and to kill time because of the terrible traffic. Oreo Brownie Banana Split. Two scoops cookies n’ cream and a scoop of chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream, mini chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, cubes of brownies and 2 Oreo cookies. It really made our dinner and cooled off our heads due to the traffic. A nice ending to our dinner amidst the traffic.

They also updated their interiors but maintained the (red) color scheme.

Ms. Tala Layag, the store manager took this photo. She remembers Peewee going here when he was still in a stroller.

What do you do to cool off your head from the traffic?