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For me, Crocs are God’s gift to parents. They are comfortable to wear, you feel like you are walking on pillows. My Crocs are my lifesavers. I often slip on malls and trip on everything. And its easy to catch toddlers with them.

This is my first ever Crocs. I know its filthy. They will be squeaky clean after writing this post. They have been outside with me this morning… walking… for about two kilometers. Because I coudn’t use my car to do some errand I had to walk from the house to the village gate which is around two kilometers. The terrain was a bit hilly but I managed.

Sometimes I prefer to walk than to use a vehicle. Walking relaxes me. I can see more of my surroundings at a much slower pace. Observe life pass me by than I pass life by.

I used to wear heels before Peewee was born. I even wore 4 inch wedges when I was to give birth and didn’t made my Ob-Gyn very happy (I cramped a lot big time). John prefers me in heels because he said I have nice legs. Now, he doesn’t mind me wearing my Crocs because he knows its safer for me to run around and chase Peewee with them. He says my bright apple green Crocs helps him locate me (shocking color daw) when we are at a mall. Ever since I had them, I haven’t slipped or ‘tapilok’. I kinda dummie when walking. 🙂

I have a ballerina-style Crocs but I still prefer this one. Its comfy. Its sturdy and the color is so me. 🙂