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Do you believe that every person on earth is connected to one another?

Do you feel that you are connected with your family?



This morning, I learned about a sad news. Mang Jo, as the whole neighborhood called him has passed away this morning. He knew everybody from the neighborhood. John and I do power walks in the morning and see Mang Jo up and about by six. We came to know him because he would greet Peewee every day at the park. He became Peewee’s “lolo” in our neighborhood. We just saw him yesterday afternoon at the park watching a basketball game.

Exactly nine days ago, his long time friend and neighbor Mr. Castaneda (I didn’t knew him personally but he’s in charge with the park’s maintenance) passed away due to kidney failure. Peewee and I would see Mr. Castaneda at the park  every day with a PVC pipe with a nail at the tip and pick up plastic and bring out a garbage bag from his luxury car.

The grandmother of Peewee’s friend, Mark told me about the recent losses of the community. They will be truly missed. She told me that Mang Jo stared at blank spaces after Mr. Castaneda’s passing. Mang Jo mourned for his friend Mr. Castaneda and now we are mourning for him.

I have heard love birds feel depression and eventually die after their partner dies. Is this also true with humans?

I’m still in shock with Mang Jo’s passing. I feel like I lost my Lolo Corne all over again.

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