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Children are the blessing of the world. They make your heart jump for joy and never fails to put a smile in your face. You feel their pain in 100 folds when they get bruised, up set and worse get sick. It upsets me when people don’t know a crap about what they are saying. You see, we were invited to a party of mostly SINGLE PEOPLE and they want us to bring Peewee along. Are they f***ing kidding me!? It goes to show that they don’t know an iota of how it is to have a child with you outside let alone a child PERIOD. Children are not accessories. They are not like dogs that you can put a leash on, tied it in a chair and go chat for hours. Heck, dogs bother you if they need to pee and eat. Children have short attention span, get bored easily andย  have mood swings. Are they expecting my son to just sit for an hour and look at them? Good golly, I know he looks like he’s 2 and a half but he’s still a baby (he’ll always be a baby to me) – he’s just one.

We have tried to bring Peewee in one of our gatherings but it was a nightmare. We brought him his toys and food but still he wasn’t “cooperating”.ย  Friends were even puzzled why John and I took turns in eating and entertaining Peewee. Peewee was agitated and wanted to get out and do something else. He’s that kind of kid. But he is slowly learning to just sit down and eat with us. Why would they want him there anyways? He’s not a toy that you can just play with and if you are done playing with it you bring it back to the store!? Peewee is not the type of kid that if asked to dance or sing or perform he will do so with earnest. He must trust you first before he’ll do something for you. We don’t push him anything he doesn’t want even if those little things will light up his grandparents’ faces.

They don’t know what it is like to be a parent because they are not. We decided to bring Peewee to the world knowing the consequences and joy he will bring to our lives. We didn’t have Peewee because we wanted to be cool or just to show that we were capable of having children. John and I knew what we were getting into, the responsibility of having Peewee and the sacrifices we had the make. I think our friends have this misconception about us being a couple and parents of Peewee. I assume they see me especially that I’m cool and collecting when it comes to Peewee and being a wife and mother in general. Well folks its a darn hard job being one!ย  Why didn’t our forebears taught us this part of man’s cycle? Thank GOD for my mother who has opened me up with the harsh reality about coupledom and motherhood. She gave me the no-hold-barred advice and tips about what is being a wife and mother all about.

All what I’m trying to say is, if you aren’t in it about something please stop giving advice about it. Well all y’all single people let this be a warning to you. If your married friends or friends with children doesn’t like to bring their kids along, don’t push it. Just keep the affair about adults. Sometimes, its nice to be around with just adults. I crave for some adult conversation that sometimes I think I make John crazy. Its hard to be with Peewee all the time – my every waking moment. Now, if you think about it maybe that’s the reason why I started blogging? oh, well thats another blog entry. Hay, thank God I got it out of my chest. — Its the awful truth and every one should know it. ๐Ÿ™‚