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My family has a very diverse palate but a single denominator binds us as one – FOOD. When we were still younger we would frequent hotel buffets and will see maitre’ d scratch his head say “here’s the family who knows how to eat in a buffet”. Ask why he scratched his head? Because we make the most out of the buffet. Here’s how…

This is my dad's 5th plate

1. Don’t pile up on the carbs – We eat less rice, pasta or noodles in a buffet. If we need carbs with certain dishes, 2-3 tablespoons is enough. You don’t want to get filled up with the rice and you’re not even done half of the buffet spread.

oh no! Lotsa Rice!!!!

2. Scout! Scout! Scout! – We don’t grab a plate once we are given out seats. We scan the buffet spread before we get any of the dishes. Eliminate stations that we don’t like and investigate whats new. Here’s some of the pics while I was scouting.

The Inihaw (Grilled food) Station

The Japanese Station

Love this! Its Salmon with green onions and cucumbers wrapped in rice paper with a spicy dipping sauce

The International Dishes Station

Mini Cakes

3. Early bird catches the worm – We also come early and as much as possible reserve. When you come early you get first dibs on the food which means its fresh and more items to choose from. We were at Dad’s Ultimate Buffet  at 10:45AM yesterday so we had first dibs on everything. The Roast Beef was a hit at the buffet thats why by 11:30AM they ran out of them already.

I took this around 10:45AM

4. Eat extraordinarily – Don’t pile up dishes that you always eat. Go for the ones you eat occasionally. John doesn’t like Japanese so we don’t go to Japanese restaurants as much as I want my sushi. So after scouting (rule #2) the sushi spread, I knew I will pile up on the Japanese spread more than the others. Because of this, I didn’t get to taste some of the dishes in the Kamayan side like the Kare-Kare John’s raving about (but we eat Kare-Kare almost every week that’s why I didn’t tried any). 🙂

My Japanese Plate Yummy!

John's Plate of Samu't Sari

5. Slowly but surely – Eat slow. Savor every bite. Be aware whats going on your mouth. People were staring at me yesterday because I make too much noise when I’m eating. Then they look at my plate and get some for themselves! LoL It took us a good 2 and half hours for the lunch buffet.

6. Go small – Don’t pile up the dishes with 2-3 serving spoons at a time. Get just one serving and move on to the next. This way you can taste as many dishes in the spread and just come back for more if you really like them. And also use the smaller plates, this way you are not attempted on piling.

My Plate of Samu't Sari

7. Take a break – After every plate that you devour, pause for about 5-10 minutes. Chat with family, take pictures, ask for beverage refills. whatever it takes for you to stop going again to the buffet spread. Our group took turns in amusing Peewee during the buffet.

The Birthday Celebrant and our Mom

He doesn't like the booster seat, big boy na daw sya

8. Hold on to the juice/iced tea – We seldom order drinks because it’ll just add to the “fullness” feeling.

I hope these tips will help you make out the best on your buffet eating adventures.

Care to share some of your buffet eating tips?