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Come here baby… satisfy me… mmmmm…..

I was feeling naughty one afternoon while watching Heston Blumenthal’s “In Search of Perfection” that this undescribable urge came rushing over me. I was craving for…




HAMBURGERS! what were  you thinking ha?

Heston was searching for the perfect burger in his show. While watching how he dissected his perfect burger I began salivating for one. And I don’t want just any burger. I find regular burgers from fast foods chain tastes like cardboard boxes – though I’m not saying I have tried munching on a Balikbayan box. Anyways, I was pestering John how I would like a burger that minute but remembered that we’ll be affected by the Coding scheme. So I patiently waited for 7PM to get my teeth into Brothers Burgers..

I ordered Brothers Burger with additional cheese. Thick juicy patty, lettuce, slices of tomatoes, a slice of cheese and their oatmeal bun was just okay because of the wilted lettuce in it. I have seen better Brothers Burger before and this ain’t one of them. But nonetheless, it was satisfying.

John ordered our all-time favorite Cheesesteak Sandwich. Thinly sliced marinated beef, caramelized onions and mushrooms and herbed cream cheese in their signature bun was the BOMB! We can eat two of this sandwich – EACH! The Beef was tender, well cooked onions and mushrooms and the cream cheese binds the flavors together.

After eating at Brothers Burger, I wanted to get the “uya” feeling in my mouth so off we go to Red Mango.

John made me savor my fro-yo alone while he distracts Peewee at the toy store. I really devoured my treat.

I had Green Tea fro-yo on ice with Almond mochi, bananas and slivered almonds. SARAP!

What satisfy Your urges? 🙂