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Its Sunday afternoon and my boys are having their nap. Seldom that I have the house all to myself. I’m always infront of the computer working or watching my TV series faves while Peewee will take my hand every 5 minutes. AND when Peewee takes his nap, John will be playing his XBOX or watch one of his DVDs. Its nice to have some alone time once in a while. I’m writing this post while watching TV! Whoah!

I also fixed something for myself that reminded me of my childhood.


Its pan de sal slightly toasted smeared with condensed milk. Its warm and cold at the same time. Crunchy and soft in every bite. My mom used to prepare this every Sunday afternoon after my nap and she sometimes top mine with sliced bananas.

Ohh… I miss my 5 year old self.

Oh, John’s awake now, time to hand over the remote.