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This is my Amazon account where it has a gamut of things recommended for me. If you see closely, its a very diverse out whack set of recommendations. There’s children’s books, then zombie books and chic literature. 🙂 When I met John, we shared the same gusto for Anne Rice novels. Its raunchy, seductive and darn right entertaining. We wanted to instill in Peewee the love for reading at an early age that’s why we started reading to him by the time we got home from the hospital.


My love for reading started late in my life. I hated books when I was in elementary and high school. I finished my book reports with a heavy heart (Have you read the unabridged version of Les Miserables? All 1000 + pages of it?). I started reading leisurely when I was about to enter college. My first book for leisure was “Choose Your Own Adventure”. It was the kind of series of books that you make the decision how the story takes its course. Then I progressed to classics like East of Eden by Steinbeck, Sonnets of Shakespeare, Mark Twain and Wuthering Heights. By college sophomore, I started reading Anne Rice, Stephen King and biographies of  the Elephant Man, Siamese Twins, Robert Ludlow and began purchasing Guinness Book of World Records. As you can see my interest in book subjects does not include romance. I was fascinated with weird subjects and factoids only now that I enjoy reading Chic Literature.


My Current Reads

John on the other hand loves reading scary stuff like zombies, apocalyptic events and biographies. And Peewee likes Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter books and David Shannon’s Too Many Toys.

Some of John's Books

Peewee and some of his books

Some of my family's books

Does your family like to read too?

Peewee reading his favorite book "Too Many Toys" by David Shannon