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I was in a bit of hiatus the past weeks because I caught a very bad case of flu. It came out of nowhere. We spent the Halloween weekend at my parents’ place so that Peewee can experience the Trick or Treat activity at the village. Since Peewee doesn’t like costumes we just drove around the village and looked at how the neighborhood prepared for the yearly activity. My mom and I had the visiting schedule planned out: Libangan ng mga Bayani, Loyola Marikina then Bulacan last. Saturday night (Oct 31) we were bored out of our wits after dinner that we decided to go to Starbucks at the Ayala Hub (its our new tambayan) and had some coffee. By Sunday early morning (around 2am) I was chilling with 40C fever just like that. From perky me to sick as hell me in a matter of hours. Was under medication ’round the clock but the fever did not subside. John was baffled what was wrong with me. He even let me recall what happened to me the past 2-3 days. By Sunday (Nov 1) in the afternoon, my fever was spiking again that they decided to give me a sponge bath. I can’t move, my head was spinning and throbbing and Peewee was yanking me out of bed. Mahirap pala magkasakit pag nanay ka I thought. Since Peewee is not accustomed not playing with me, he was frustrated to get me out of bed. When he saw me just sleeping and aching, he stayed with me and he wanted me to read to him. Because John and my mom were afraid that Peewee might get sick too, they would whisk him away and let him play with my sisters. He did get distracted but would come back to my room to comfort me.

When we went back to our home, my fever subsided but felt weak still. Its every hard to be alone at home take care of the house and an uber active toddler. However surprisingly Peewee cooperated during the first 2-3days during my recovery. We just played but the not usual rough play that we do (wrestling) and just read his books over and over. I think Peewee felt his mommy was not feeling well that’s why he was so behave.

Its hard to get sick and a stay at mom at the same time. You have to take care of yourself and take care your husband and kids PLUS the house. I’m very grateful that John helps out alot inside the house AND take care of Peewee. I can’t imagine how single mothers do it when they get sick. 😦