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During the long wait for our registration to be finished, my baby sister and I were discussing where to reward ourselves after this. We talked about miss eating Japanese, trying out new Banapple dishes and chicken (her fave). Once I heard chicken, I knew right then where to feed her. 🙂


A very filling reward


My baby sister Faye

So we had our super late lunch at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe located at the U.P. Bahay ng Alumni. I first discovered this from my past boyfriend who was a student of U.P. We used to meet here for his afternoon break before I go home (I’m from U.S.T) and would  have snack and coffee. Anyways, enough of my love life and on with the food. 🙂

I had the Chicken ala Kiev. Breaded chicken fillet stuffed with herbed cream cheese served in vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes or rice. The chicken fillets were cooked perfectly, very succulent. Knowing that the chicken breast fillets can be at times bland, the cream cheese filling gave it a buttery, cheese-y taste that it is not overpowering. This dish alone is worth going to U.P. And have I told you its gia-normous? It can well feed two people and its under P200! Pang student ang prices.



I ate everything!

Faye loves pasta, that’s why she ordered Pasta Carbonara. Nothing really special but she likes it because it is drenched with cheese. She said I make a better Carbonara. (ha! nagpapalakas sa Ate nya LoL)


Dining at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe is not complete without ordering their signature Iced Tea. They make their own blend tea served with honey and calamansi.(see first photo)

We didn’t ate much because we left room for the desserts.

I had the  The Chocolate Kiss Sampler. You can choose from the marshmallow chocolate cake, prune cake, dayap chiffon cake, carrot cake, kahlua cake and old fashioned chocolate cake. I love them all! The dayap cake is like the caramel cake from Estrel’s but more citrusy, the carrot cake has hints of pineapple in it and the kahlua cake has a good caffeine kick.


Kahlua cake, Dayap Chiffon cake and Carrot cake

Faye had the Texas Brownie sundae. Its huge! Imagine a 1/4 size of intermediate paper brownie love drowned with fudge and topped with vanilla ice cream. It was gooey, gooey, gooey! It was so huge she decided to have it wrapped.


The place is very homey, adorned with paintings and photographs (they are for sale) and the staff are very warm. I have been eating to this place since 1996 and some of the wait staff are still there and even recognized me. Other must-try at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe are the breakfast menu,  smoked barbeque ribs,hainanese chicken, cheesecakes and the Queso de Bola Chiffon Cake.