If a genie pops out by my side and grants me three wishes it would be:

1. a more healthier me – I have been sick since October 31 with a bad flu that won’t go away and barking cough. I had a chance to go to my lolo and lola (‘coz they have been “visiting” me) at the Libingan ng mga Bayani where my lolo rests and my lola at the Loyola Memorial in Marikina.

2. more time for everything – My boss just dropped a gamut of things to do just days before I got sick and now I have a ton of back log. Its so not me to not finish ahead of time, I feel like I’m incompetent. (cough, cough , sniff, sniff) Damn cough! and

3. a clone – Since I have been sick for weeks now, I have been unreliable in everything. I can’t take care of Peewee and John as much as I used to. I can’t clean our house like a mad freak OC person and my cooking is out of whack due to the lack of smell and taste (cough cough sniff sniff). Darn cold!!!! Tissue please!?

I’m overwhelmed of everything. I’m not top of my game and its eating me up. I have tons of pics to show, stories to blog about but I can’t do it! I’m even tempted to discontinue is blog. But I like this blog, its my vent for what’s happening to me, good or bad. Well, what I’m trying to say is I’ll be hybernate for while until I get my perky self back (and John and Peewee misses the perkiness in me too) and hopefully slowly return to write.

Until then, I’ll see you when I see you. (BARK BARK) ARRGGHH!! I hate being sick. 😦