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So we went back Saturday (Oct. 24) really early. We woke up 4:30 am to get ready and got to the COMELEC around before 6am. Lo and behold, there was a line.


5:45am line at the COMELEC

The Line at 6AM

The Line at 6AM


My Sister Faye at the Line (6:30am)

Good thing we went early, reportedly Friday’s line reached Trellis (that’s another post, soon promise!) just for the verification and submission of the photocopied IDs. We were  the one of the people at the first curve of the snake-like line for the submission of the photocopied IDs and for verification. The COMELEC office designated for the 2nd district of Quezon City did not start right away. It took them about 10-20 minutes before they started accepting registrants. Faye and I were finally at the office window around 930AM. Just to submit the photocopied IDs took us an hour and a half. Good golly! Havoc came when it was time for the verification and getting the appropriate application form. White for new registrants (for Faye) blue for change in name/status (for me), yellow for change of district/residence and green for reactivation. To make the long story short, Faye and I got to register after 9 hours at the Quezon City hall.