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Its our youngest sister’s turn to register at the COMELEC. She will be turning 18 this November and will be eligible to vote and participate come May 2010. So, being the eldest my mom asked me to accompany her to the local COMELEC office at the Quezon City Hall. Since I was going to have my status changed and address I obliged (as if I can say no 🙂 ). On October 20, the tres Marias (Issa tagged along with us) went to Quezon City Hall and saw this

A swarm of people at the  QC COMELEC office at 2:30pm


The line for district 2

I asked myself “is Papa Piolo inside the COMELEC too?” Wow ang daming tao! It was like a line of Lord of the Rings when it was cool then to see a midnight premier. We didn’t know what to do so we asked around. First you have to Xerox (i hate this term) photocopy your IDs preferably with address on it. Then you have fall in line to the designated district. This we had a problem. LoL! We called our mom 5 times to confirm our district. First 3 calls she said district 4 and then the last 2 calls district 2. When we saw the line for district 2, we backed out. An officer of the COMELEC said they are open til Sundays. So we went home and will come back soon, very soon.