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Every payday, John and I tend to splurge. Its a reward to ourselves that we work hard and deserve a little luxury in life. So last Sunday, we had dinner in China…

Simut Sarap!

Simut Sarap!

Well, we didn’t need our passport and Chinese visa. We went to…

Gloria Maris Dimsum Kitchen

Gloria Maris Dimsum Kitchen

We have been eating at Gloria Maris for sometime now but this is the first time to “document”  our gastronomic experience. During our frequent visits before, I have asked servers the secret to the yummy food they serve. And they would say its their chefs. You see, Gloria Maris’ chefs are from China and each chef has his own area of cuisine. The chefs make the food at Gloria Maris authentic.

We ate at Gloria Maris (GM) Dimsum Kitchen last Sunday and had alot of OMG! moments. 🙂 GM Dimsum Kitchen is located behind their formal restaurant – Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant in Greenhills. The Dimsum Kitchen is a much budget friendly counterpart of the formal restaurant.

Enough talk, and on with the food!


Roast Duck. 1/4 portion of a duck roasted to perfection. Skin crispy. Meat, tender and has a fragrant smell not pungent at all. I had to restrain John’s fork before I took pictures. Served with plum sauce, a sweet sour sauce that cuts the fatty after taste from the roast duck. Every bite is succulent and unbelievably tender you’ll have a wow-I-can’t-believe-I’m-eating-this aka OMG! moment. We go to GM Dimsum Kitchen just for the roast duck.


John asked me if I wanted another dish so I ordered this one.


Rice rolls with Shrimps. Thin rice noodle rolls filled with jumbo shrimp and then sweet soy sauce is poured upon serving. A very light accompaniment with the roast duck. Since they do the rice noodles upon order, the noodles are not gummy, very soft and light. The jumbo shrimps were cooked perfectly, soft and has a bit of bite of it. The sweet soy sauce enhanced the flavor of the shrimp.   Next time, I’ll order a different filling. 🙂

DSC05391 DSC05392

Yang Chow Fried Rice was the perfect companion with our main dishes. Fried rice mixed with Chinese sausage, shrimps, Char Siu pork and vegetables. Its a meal in itself!

DSC05389 DSC05393

Gloria Maris Dimsum Kitchen really transports you to China through the food they serve.