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My sister Vanessa aka Issa

My sister Vanessa aka Issa

Another breakfast adventure with John and Peewee plus one. My sisterΒ Issa joined us for breakfast at Ayala Techno Hub and ate at FlapJacks.



Since I have been known to eat heavy breakfast, John and I ordered something to share.


Filipino slammer (P495 + 10% SC). The Filipino Slammer is all an average Pinoy likes, garlic fried rice, meat and eggs. It consists of garlic fried rice, beef tapa, chicken tocino and Vigan longganisa and two eggs cooked the way you want them. They ran out of Vigan longganisa so we opted for corned beef. Since slammers at Flapjacks mean it is good for sharing and they didn’t disappoint, the Filipino slammer is good for 2-3 persons. The garlic fried rice is good, the oil used is infused with atsuete that gives the golden color. John said the serving of the rice is not enough for the 3 different ulam so we ordered extra rice (P35 + 10%SC). The beef tapa has a sweet sour taste that I’m not used to but John liked them. I liked the chicken tocino, sweet tender fillet of chicken and it doesn’t have the burnt sugar aftertaste. The corned beef was forgettable.

My sister loves bacon and boy what surprise she got!


Bacon Overload Temptation (P395 +10%SC). A two egg omelet filled with TONS of bacon and mushroom served with buttered toast and hash brown. Upon seeing her order, she said she has fulfilled her calorie intake for the day! πŸ™‚ It was really huge, good to feed two people. Bacon filling is sauteed in olive oil with the button mushrooms. Truly Bacon overload!


FlapJacks at the Ayala Techno Hub let kids eat free during the weekends. Peewee was served with Kid Pancake treat (FREE!). Three kid-size pancakes topped with whipped butter and served with chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and rainbow colored sprinkles as toppings. Peewee loved them! And he had an order to eat them. First eating the toppings then the pancake.They also serve free flowing coffee during the weekends to compliment your meal.



Overall, FlapJacks is a good place for breakfast. They have a good selection of breakfast for heavy eaters and light eaters as well. But be prepared to shell out more than you spend for Pancake House. Next time, we’ll try to have lunch or dinner there and post here asap.

Have you tried Flapjacks? Tell me more about them. πŸ™‚
P.S. Kids eat free gig is only good for children below 10 years old and limited to 2 kids in a group.


Go Issa! Shed off the bacon by chasing Peewee around! πŸ™‚