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Its official folks, Benigno C. Aquino III aka Noynoy is running for President in May 2010 elections. A son of two famous names in Philippine politics tries his luck for the Presidential bid. I liked the style of his speech as if he was just talking to an old friend, mentioning some footnotes along the way to his decision. It was uplifting and forward thinking to reach the oppositions goal – CHANGE. As he mentioned, a lot of people have been courting him to run for the highest position but he was mum about it. He was most impressed that the youth is aware of the political scene, and asked him about his decision to run.

Bearing the name of AQUINO, people will be expecting him to be as great and wise as his parents. Having raised by two great minds doesn’t mean that you’ll turn out great as well. What I’m trying to say is, we should not burden him too much because of what his parents had accomplished but be hopefully his parents had instill in him qualities and the moral of a great leader. I hope whoever wins this coming election, be a step to change and not the same old trapo. As for the voting public, please choose wisely and think of your children’s future. In the end, its the voting public’s power that will bring forth change in this country not the elected official