I’m a birthday person. I like birthday parties with matching trimmings. I’m so excited with my birthday that since I started to read (oh well about 4-5 years old) I mark our calendar A MONTH before my actual birthday and still do now that I’m 30. It was John’s birthday last Saturday and  a week prior I have been asking him where he wants to go have dinner/lunch. He made the decision to go to a place where chicken barbeque reigned so I said okay.

 Its not unsual for us three that we don’t eat at the same time. Since Peewee the Toddler has an attention span of 2 minutes, one of us eats while the other entertains him. John ate first since I wasn’t that hungry (and I don’t particularly like the place ergo I dont like chicken bbq). So by the time Peewee and I came back to the restaurant, John was half way finish his meal (thats why there’s no photo of the food we ate) and I have to feed Peewee. John let me eat my meal while He and the toddler went out .Now here’s the teeth-grinding-blew-my-top-off incident. I was enjoying my meal when one of the wait staff cleared half of the table! AS IN! He didn’t even asked me if he can clear the table. To add insult to injury, one of  the floor managers took John’s seat! She asked me if someone is seating so I said YES and still she asked permission if she can take the chair.  Didn’t she get it? Of course, if someone is seating/sat there that it means she can’t take the chair. Grrr…. One thing I hate about some restaurants here is the lack of proper training of wait staff.

I do undertand that they want to earn more and to earn more table turnover should be fast. But not that fast that they would just take the plates away while someone was still eating. I really felt offended. Haayy, I hope this won’t be a streak of bad things.