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It was a blessing for me that I worked for an after-school (reading) activity center before Peewee was born. It made me realize how reading can have a enormous impact to a child.  I started reading to Peewee since the day we brought him home from the hospital. The first book I read to him is Mercer Mayer’s Just Me and My Puppy.

Just Me and My Puppy

Just Me and My Puppy

 Its a story about Litter Critter who likes to have a puppy. His mom and dad agreed to keep it but Critter will be responsible with taking care of the puppy. It tells the mishaps and adventure of the two which is quite funny. The book teaches about responsibility when owning a pet — that the pet needs feeding, training and grooming. It was a big book for Peewee when he was a newborn but now he giggles whenever he sees the puppy on every page. He calls the puppy “PUP” and points out other things in a page like ball, spider and cow.

This will be the beginning of my reviews on children’s books. For now, I’ll be posting reviews of books from Peewee’s collection and eventually add more. I hope parents out there find it interesting and informative.

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