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Last Saturday, John was SUPPOSED to go out with this buddies. Take note the word in bold letters. His night out with his friends didn’t pushed through because allegedly “he was too lazy to go” (or was it separation anxiety?). I kept pestering him to go out because it has become a rarity that we go out at night because of our son. Then it made me thinking. How come that HE doesn’t spend time with his friends anymore? Its like he has someone but has no one. Get my drift? Then I asked him again (for the Nth time) why he didn’t want to go out and then he gave yet another answer: “Coz I usually go out with 2:1 woman ratio” Excuses. Excuses.

He/We went out alot before Peewee. Almost every weekend we would go bar hopping ’til the sun comes up. Watch a movie every Wednesday. Whenever his friends want to go out with him, I’m not the kind of wife who has a leash on her husband. In fact, I’m the opposite. I would even suggest the he goes out with his friends and try out a new club or bar.

I know being married changes your priority but it shouldn’t deter you making friends and keeping them. I hope John goes out with his friends more (and stop going out with my friends) so that he’ll appreciate having company more other than me and Peewee. I want him to have adventures and laughs with his friends just like before.