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You see it was by chance that I have discovered Krispy Kreme’s new doughnuts. Early yesterday morning, Peewee refused to take his bath for some reason. As in head-shaking-feet-stumping refusal to bathe. So I convinced him to take his bath by telling him that I’ll take him to the “neigh” (horse=carousel) later this afternoon… and it worked! He was eager to take his bath and repeatedly said “broom broom” (car ride) til lunchtime. We headed to TimeZone TriNoma late in the afternoon and let him had his ride. As we passed by the cinemas, I saw an ad of the new Krispy Kremes. I asked John if he wanted some but he refused. I said “I’ll buy the new ones for my blog” and he said “okay but just one”. Being a obedient wife I bought one – of each (hehehehe).

Krispy Kreme's New Oreo Doughnuts

These are the new Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I didn’t quite got the name but its drenched with crushed oreos. The top one is with vanilla topping and the bottom one is chocolate. The topping is like the filling of an oreo cookie, as if some one at the pantry of Krispy Kreme scrapping away the filling and mixing it with crushed cookies. The doughnut used was chocolate cake and then dipped it in chocolate. This is a diabetic’s nightmare but a chocoholic’s fantasy.

  Krispy Kreme's New Doughnuts   Yummy!

Surprisingly, they are not too sweet. The vanilla topping was a little bit too sweet for me but the chocolate topping was okay. For me its not something I’ll eat in one seating. These doughnuts need time to be savoured each and every bite. Each one costs P42 and I’m not sure if these babies are available in all branches. Its best with their coffee (hold the sugar!) Give it a try guys and tell me what you think. 🙂

 with the Chocolate topping    with the Vanilla topping