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Okay, here it goes….one deep breath…

A friend of mine has been suggesting  that I enroll my little precious son, Peewee, to their toddler school program. I asked her “Is it too early for him to be enrolled? He’s just one year old!” and then she said “Ano ka ba! May student nga kami ng 9 months old e. Pwede na si Peewee” So being a cautious mother that I have become, I asked my friend Kate, a childhood development specialist, about toddler schools. She said to me that its too early for Peewee to go to toddler school and might as well enroll him in Gymboree. I dismissed the idea of Peewee going to Gymboree and toddler school for weeks until last Friday, where he fell from the sofa! He was using the sofa as his climbing toy and when he held on a loose pillow of the sofa,whack! he fell. A big thud was heard all over the house, and he cried his eyes out.

So off we went to the school last Friday.  I met the directress of the school which I think lack adult social skills. I knew before hand about the program but I was hoping that the directress would elaborate on explaining about the objective of  the school and program. In fairness, the directress let us observe on their on-going toddler class. At first Peewee was clingy when we entered the classroom and seeing new people, but when the class went to the activity room, he played with the other kids as they have been friends since birth. We left the school with the paraphernalia AND the tuition rates. OH. MY. GOD. When I saw the tuition fee for the class, my jaw dropped to the floor. I was driving home awestrucked with the price that I saw. P54,000.00 for toddler class, 3 times a day for 2 hours. OH. MY. GOD. Are they serious?!?!? P54,000.00 just for Peewee to play ball with other kids?!!? My Gulay, thats almost my tuition in law school! The facilities were okay, and I know for a fact that some of the tools that they have came from the States, but my God! 54K for toddler class???? When I told John about it he said the same thing: OMG! Are they serious?!?!? He said that its a glorified daycare center. And that they are taking advantage of hardworking parents feeling guilty not having time with their precious ones. 

So this made me reassess my approach to parenting Peewee. I am thankful that I have found a home-from-work job that some what lifting some financial burden of John and to support my luho (dining out) at the same time take care of my son. Me and John are very hands on parents and we thank God that He has blessed us to spend quality time with Peewee and impart good values. We don’t buy Peewee  many toys instead we buy him books and lots of it. I think the down side of what our situation right now is that Peewee does not have baby friends to socialize with. You see, we live in an exclusive village where people just keep to themselves. Unlike where I grew up in Cubao where everybody knows everybody I do “house hopping” and play with my friends every afternoon. Ahh… the good ol’ days. I think toddler class and baby related activites have emerged because of the lack of socialization of the babies. Unlike before where the whole community helps out babysit everybody’s kid and the children played with each other FOR FREE! Hay, what have become our world mothers and fathers???