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Every six in the morning, Peewee yanks my arm (or his dad’s) to go down to start his day. As scheduled, he will be carried down the stairs and sit him on the sofa, open the tv and let him pick his movie. As I open the TV this morning, sad news awaken my spirit – the passing of a great leader and lady, Former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino. I was six years old when the famous EDSA revolution broke. I witnessed all of the flower-putting-food-sharing moments because we used to live near Camp Aguinaldo. It was a scary time and at the same time uplifting because eventhough the country is in turmoil, people from all walks of life united for the democracy that was taken away from them. The former president led the way to make our longed democracy become a reality – bloodless and peacefully. She reminded the people that prayer and having faith in God is the most powerful tool to defeat anything. Her death is bittersweet. It is a reminder that once the Filipino joined arms to make a difference of what they believed in and at the same time losses a frontrunner to lead us the way.