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Me and my husband wanted our son to have a loving relationship with BOTH of his grandparents. Every since our son was born, we have been bringing him to my parents’ house every Sunday for two reasons: (1) For my parents spend time with their first grandson and (2) For me and my husband to have some time off. Everything went perfectly well up until my son was around 4 months old when we brought him to parents’ house and didn’t want to be there. He felt abandoned. He would cry his lungs out until my mom wouldn’t take it anymore that she’ll call me to have him fetched. 

Crying Preston Riley

Crying Preston Riley

Ever since that time, we seldom go to my parents’ house because my son will just have a hissy fit when we get there. But there are times that he’ll be fine going there provided my mom will not go near him. It breaks my heart when I see my mom wants to hug and kiss him and he won’t let her. Just this afternoon, I wanted to spend time with my mom and I had to bring my son along. From the moment my son saw our gate, his eyes started to water and began to cry when he saw my mom. He cried so hard that he vomitted. So in the end, we had to go home. I took me 15 minutes to drive to our place and stayed there for less than 5 minutes.

I don’t know what to do with him anymore. I want him to have a loving relationship with my parents but he doesn’t want to. Any suggestions?