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Chocolate Marshmallow Cake from Starbucks

Chocolate Marshmallow Cake from Starbucks

I have been craving for chocolate for weeks now and then I saw an article about the new things the local Starbucks are introducing. The one that caught my eye was the chocolate marshallow cake. It reminded me of the chocolate cake I used to eat at Chocolate Kiss in UP. The new cake at Starbucks is not too sweet and light. With the interlayering of the chocolate sponge cake and the filling with bits of chocolate was a bit surprising. The little torching of the marshallow icing was a nice touch.

Since the time I saw the article, I’ve had this cake 2 days in a row now. And contemplating on buying the whole cake (1050 PHP) instead going to Starbucks everytime I have an urge to eat it (105 PHP/ slice). I hope my chocolate craving will come to a halt anytime soon for me to get ready for a friend’s wedding.