I never thought I will be able to do what I’m doing right now – staying at home. I was  brought up always on-the-go, having been raised by both parents working on their then starting company. As my mother told me, as soon as she can get out of bed, she would bring me to our office. I litetally grew up in our office, only spending time at home on weekends sometimes not even. My parents set up a little corner for me to play under their desks, learning first how to type than to write and always with our truck drivers and assistants. Now, that I have my family of my own I’m having difficulty just staying at home. Every day that passes by that I don’t get out of our house makes me more stupid. Good thing we have internet connection and I have brought some of my law books from home to read. Even with those things I get easily bored. Right now, I’m working for a foreign company as an virtual assistant despite that I get bored too. I just hate the monotony of my life. Its so predictable that its numbing. With the swine scare lurking in the metro, the more I’m confined at home. Gosh I wish those drug companies produce the vaccines pronto!